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Offshore Company Registration


One of the best books about tax havens:

Offshore Company Registration

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DESCRIPTION,  The author, Thomas Azzara , December 18, 1998
Over 20 tax havens are covered in my book TAX HAVENS OF THE WORLD
($75) including, the Bahamas, Caymans, Switzerland, Vanuatu, Bermuda,Barbados, Hong Kong, Singapore, Channel Islands & The Isle of Man (famoushavens used by modern British businessmen), Campione, Panama, Anguilla, Antigua, Liberia, Gibraltar, Cyprus (shipping tax haven) and little Nauru (3rd smallest nation in the world), and many more. Also covered are the Exempt Companies, the International Business Corporation (IBC), the Foreign Trust, the
Foreign Personal Holding Company, Exempt Shipping Companies, Exempt Offshore Banks, Exporting U.S. products tax free, the important U.S. Income Tax Treaties, and Australian & Canadian tax havens. Of great importance to he American planner is a complete disclosure on How to Avoid the U.S.A.'s "Controlled Foreign Corporation" (CFC) legislation . In Chapter 11(FOREIGN TRUSTS) you'll find out how Big "8" accounting firms exploit IRS Revenue-Ruling 69-70 to pass foreign source income onward to U.S. beneficiaries free from Federal Income Taxes" It's legal to do if you know how. Learn all about tens of thousands of foreign companies and trusts domiciled in no tax havens like the Bahamas and the Caymans - where American megabucks are hidden and secure. About the Author....My name is Tom Azzara. Foreign banks and offshore companies avoid all U.S. capital gains on their stock market trades! Really!! I live in the Bahamas. I know.! I work independently of/with a Bahamian bank owned by a $20 billion dollar parent   bank from South Africa. I've formed over 800 International Business Companies since 1991. Most of my companies end up with this bank for banking, investing and trading.


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The Individual Employment Rights Primer; Kurt H. Decker; Paperback; $24.95 (Special Order)

The Law of Privacy Explained; Robert Ellis Smith; Hardcover; $14.50 (Special Order)

The Panoptic Sort: A Political Economy of Personal Information (Critical Studies in Communication and in the Cultural Industries); Oscar H. Gandy; Hardcover; $64.50 (Special Order)

The Question of Privacy in Public Policy: An Analysis of the Reagan-Bush Era; David Sadofsky; Hardcover; $55.00 (Special Order)

The Right to Privacy and the Ninth Amendment (The Bill of Rights and American Legal History); Paul L. Murphy; Hardcover; $137.00 (Special Order)

The Rise of the Computer State; David Burnham; Hardcover; $17.95 (Special Order). The origional book on the threat to privacy from computers. Still relevant today.

To See or Not to See: Privacy and Disclosure of Personnel Records (20P); Trends Publishing Co; Paperback; $6.85 (Special Order)

Transborder Data Flows: Concerns in Privacy Protection and Free Flow of Information. Ed by R. Turn. 2 Vol Set; Paperback; $46.00 (Special Order)

Uneasy Access: Privacy for Women in a Free Society (New Feminist Perspectives); Anita L. Allen; Hardcover; $61.00 (Special Order)

War Stories: Accounts of Persons Victimized by Invasions of Privacy; Robert Ellis Smith; Paperback; $35.00 (Special Order)

Who Knows: Safeguarding Your Privacy in a Networked World; Ann Cavoukian, Don Tapscott; Hardcover; $19.96

Who Owns Information?: From Privacy to Public Access; Anne Wells Branscomb; Paperback; $11.70

Who Should Know What? Social Science Privacy and Ethics; J.A. Barnes; Paperback; $11.95 (Special Order)

Without Consent: The Ethics of Disclosing Personal Information in Public Archives; Heather MacNeil; Hardcover; $27.50 (Special Order)

Workers Privacy Part II: Monitoring and Surveillance in the Workplace (Conditions of Work Digest, Vol 12, No 1); Paperback; $36.00 (Special Order). Excellent comprehensive series on workplace privacy in 19 countries.

Workplace Privacy: Employee Testing, Surveillance, Wrongful Discharge, and Other Areas of Vulnerability (A Bna Special Report); Ira Michael Shepard; Paperback; $95.00 (Special Order)

Your Right to Privacy: A Basic Guide to Legal Rights in an Information Society (An American Civil Liberties Union Handbook); Evan Hendricks; Paperback; $7.15. Good introduction to privacy from editor of the Privacy Times.


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