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Czech Maildrop Service - Prices and Details

... in the very heart of Europe

Internet Banking Offshore

Mail Receiving
You will be provided with a street address (not a P.O Box or Suite Number) which you can use as your own business or private address. You may use two different names in which your mail will arrive. These names must be clearly specified when completing our maildrop application form. Any subsequent change of name must be notified to us by fax or e.mail and authenticated by the security code that you will be given at the commencement of your subscription.

NOTE: As with other maildrop operators we do not accept registered mail or packages for security reasons!

Mail Holding
Some clients prefer to collect their mail personally in which event we are willing to hold it indefinitely. This can be done between the hours of 8.00 - 16.00 GMT Monday to Friday. We advise clients to check by 'phone or by email / fax for confirmation that we hold any mail before calling personally at our offices. The "mail check" service is FREE.

Internet Banking OffshoreMail Forwarding
Mail can be forwarded to any Country in the World. It is up to you to decide how often your mail should be forwarded (ie., on the day of receipt by us, once a week or once a month etc). Also you can choose the method by which your mail is forwarded (we use airmail or couriers). Your mail will be inserted into a larger plain white envelope and addressed according to your instructions.

This could be of particular interest to you. For example: you may want to mail a letter but you do not want to send it from your home Country. In this event the letter duly addressed and sealed and contained in a larger envelope letter together with any specific instructions on a separate sheet of paper, can be mailed to us and , immediately upon receipt we will mail it. Please do not forget to include your name and security code.


Anonymous GSM (Cellular) SIM Card
So called prepaid GSM (cellular) SIM cards can be bought in several Countries but not all of them allow you to purchase the cards without showing your ID or credit card which, obviously, leads a trail to you. We can supply local and totally anonymous GSM (cellular) SIM cards with a Roaming facility (currently in 104 countries). You can use the card with any up-to-date mobile (cellular) 'phone both to make as well as to receive calls, voice mails or faxes.

Schedule of Fees

Mail Receiving, Holding, Forwarding

  • standard fee is
    340 (EURO) annually
    240 (EURO) for 6 months.
    It covers one maildrop account with up to two names.
  • we charge a handling fee of €5 for each change of name in which your mail will arrive or forwarding address.
  • initial postage deposit of €50 is required for airmail or €100 for courier forwarding. We charge double postage costs for airmail and actual costs plus €10 handling fee for courier forwarding. The fees are deducted from your postage deposit.


  • there is no extra fee for our existing maildrop clients. All we charge is double postage costs for airmail and actual costs plus €10 handling fee for courier forwarding. The fees are deducted from your postage deposit.
  • clients using our Remailing service only have to pay €100 postage deposit for airmail and €200 for courier forwarding in advance. The same fees as mentioned above are deducted from the postage deposit then. There is no annual or any additional fee.

Anonymous GSM (Cellular) SIM Card with international roaming - EUR295

  • no set-up fee, no deposits
  • one card = one phone number = €295
  • initial Airtime of €12 included
  • more Airtime is available in blocks of €60.

call rates depends on your location (the country where you are) and the target country.

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