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 All Major Cards Accepted




  Professional offshore incorporations and offshore banking services since 1996

 merchant accounts
All online businesses including all gaming and adult entertainment websites.


Our Merchant Account partner  enables debit card processing to all online businesses including all gaming and adult entertainment websites.

Merchant Account features provided by our partner:

Third Party (Euro, USD, GBP) Merchant Account --eCommerce, Gaming, Pharmacy, Adult, MOTO, Travel:

*Processing MasterCard and Visa, American express, Diners, Electron, Delta, Maestro.
*Uncoded iGaming Transactions
*No Capped volume
*No EU incorporation needed
*Real time processing.
*Virtual Terminal.
*Recurring billing.
* + 82 % Approval Rate
*Advanced real time backend reporting and admin tools
*24hr Billing and Tech support

-Fraud protection:
-3d secure, MasterCard Secure Code / Verified by Visa ( optional)
-High Risk Country Block
-AVS and CVV2 verification
-Internet protocol (ip)address
-E-Mail address
-Individuals Name,area /Issuing banks area.
-email confirmation.

Merchant accounts.

The hardest part of setting up a merchant account is the acquiring bank, it is difficult for a small business owner to find a bank that will handle their credit card transactions. The credit cards companies penalize for chargeback ratios of over 2%. A chargeback happens when a cardholder disputes a charge and simply charges back, as eCommerce is a "no cardholder present transaction" the credit card companies have managed to assign this responsibility to the merchant first. If the merchant cannot handle the penalties and fees, then the bank is held responsible. So naturally the acquiring banks only want to handle merchants who have a good deal of exciting assets, and spotless credit history. Often a deposit is required, with large set up fees. A trading volume in excess of $50 000.00 would also be required by an acquirer, as usually their minimum processing fees are $2000 p/month.

Our Third party processing solution therefore exists for this precise reason, to relieve the headaches of merchant account application, for the smaller merchant, with a quicker turnaround for your money.

The limitations as in Credit Card data not being captured by yourself, or in some cases, not having your own "bill descriptor", are the only real differences. You may also be concerned about the reliability of the third party processor, our merchant provider have been in business for almost 5 years and have a successful track record and process for over 500 merchants, worldwide. We do the due diligence and Risk Management compliance checks on the merchants in-house, and we are particular about which businesses we accept. We are a growing company, and service all areas of eCommerce business worldwide. Our strengths lie in our acquiring platforms.

The banks:
Our Partner conducts it's own due diligence on all of its banking partners with locations in Singapore, India, Germany, Philippines, Israel, Panama, Latvia, Lebanon, Spain and the UK.

We are able to facilitate offshore merchant accounts for merchants worldwide - both existing merchants looking for alternative processing options as well as startup merchants with no previous processing history.

We offer both online & offline (SSL) transaction processing with Virtual Terminal.

Online Fraud Protection is made available through Cybersource as well as Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode (3d secure).

Typical monthly charges:
One time Setup fee: Ecommerce: $199 and up - High Risk: $ 499 and up
Discount rates: see below
Transaction fees: $.60 to $.75
Chargeback fee: below .7% - $50.00 / above .7% - $70.00
Refund fee: $10.00
Maintenance fee: $49 to $99 (depending on what type of account)
Rolling Reserve: 5% to 10% (held for 180 days)
Statement Fee: $50.00
Settlement Period: weekly payouts with 1 to 3 weeks in arrears
• Rates typically range from 3% to 6% - depending on volume and history
• If you are doing over 100k/month, we can place you going through our payment gateway offering MC,Visa,& ACH. Also we can offer insurance which is very beneficial to the merchant.

• Rates typically range from 5% to 10% - depending on volume and history
• If you are doing over 100k/month, we can place you going through our payment gateway offering MC,Visa,& ACH. Also we can offer insurance which is very beneficial to the merchant.

• Rates typically range from 4% to 8% depending on volume and history
• We have non-coded solutions that we can place merchants at going through our gateway also offering MC, Visa & ACH.
• Rates typically range from 6% to 8% depending on volume and history
• We have 2 different banks in Latvia (1 for merchant accounts, 1 for 3rd party) both in USD & EURO, Visa & MC

• Rates typically range from 5% to 10% depending on volume and history

• Free insurance to merchants that ship product to their customers
• ACH processing

Master merchant status , MID = MERCHANT ID NUMBER (MERCHANT ACCOUNT) available for over $50.000 / month volume
or a THIRD Party account for under $50.000 / month volume

You can start with the third party merchant, and If your monthly volume reaches $50.000 you can apply for a MID = MERCHANT ID NUMBER.
The basic difference is that with MID, you will have your own bill descriptor, and your company name will show on customer's statement.
Normally payout is weekly, 3 weeks in arrears, and third party is 4 weeks in arrears.
With Third party merchant account, our provider company name will show on customer's statement.

Third party merchant account setup fee is $500 but depends, on case by case...
The minimum monthly volume for merchants processing with us is $10,000 per month - this volume should be achieved within 60 days of opening the account.

 THIRD Party account, details for any company:

The 3rd party account can process Visa, MasterCard in USD.
The necessary documents are:

1. Complete pre-qualification form
2. 2 pages of business plan
3. Company incorporation documents (can be anywhere)
4. Passport copy of director
5. If it is existing business, we need the merchant provide us their last six month processing history

The set up fee is $500, discount rates:

1. Gaming 6%
2. Adult 10%
3. Normal ecommerce 5 - 6%
4. Online Pharmacy 6%
5. Virtual Terminal Function 1% more than standard account

Normally payout is weekly, 4 weeks in arrears.
Rolling Reserve fee, 10% the bank will keep it for 180 days.

Master Merchant Account Details:

Credit Cards

Worldwide, credit cards are still the most common form of payment on the Internet.

The following credit cards are supported: VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Additional credit and/or debit cards may also be available upon request.

Debit Card

There are over 60 million debit cards and over 63 million credit cards currently in use only in the UK. Therefore those businesses targeting the UK market should offer both debit and credit card. By applying for an account, Our Merchant Account partner company in UK can process these cards and help you capture this market.

The following debit cards are accepted:

Solo (UK), Visa Debit (Delta) *, Visa Electron, Maestro

* Visa Debit Cards carry the "Delta" logo on the back of the card. They can also be identified by the word "Debit" printed on the front of the card.

Browse through this section to learn more about ECS UK’S online credit & debit card processing solutions or press the apply button to register for an account (applications processed within 48 hours).

How it works

We can facilitate merchant services (an account to process credit & debit card transactions online) for most online businesses through one of our merchant acquiring bank partners - based on the following criteria:

    * business category
    * country
    * estimated monthly turnover
    * average sale/ticket price

Business types

Are offered both merchant accounts and third-party accounts to all kinds of eBusinesses.

High risk merchants: Through an extensive network of acquiring banks, we are able to provide high-risk merchants with their own merchant accounts or to process under a third-party account.

We are therefore the ideal partner for

    * online gaming sites (sportsbooks, internet casinos)
    * adult sites of all kinds (subscriptions, video on demand, live 1:1 chats etc)
    * travel and other high-ticket item merchants

We accept merchants from a variety of countries. Depending on the nature of the business and the expected turnover, it may be necessary to establish a subsidiary in Europe. We can guide you through this process. Apply on-line today to expedite your application and have your request processed  within 48 hours.

Merchant banks

Our Merchant Account is working with an array of international banks in different countries and as such are complying with the new cross-border policies of the credit card organizations.

As part of  the consultation process, we will recommend an appropriate bank for you and will guide you through the necessary paperwork, thus speeding up the application process.


    Are offered a range of leading currencies to businesses operating on an international scale. Below we have listed some of the most common currencies requested: USD, EURO, GBP, CAD, AUD, YEN, HKD.

    If the currency that you require is not listed above this does not necessarily mean that the currency is not available.

It is possible to settle in a different currency than used on your merchant web site.



The processing gateways utilized offer real-time processing including real-time fraud detection.

Transactions are usually processed within a few seconds.

Are offered various methods to transfer the transaction data between your web server and the banking gateway:

    * HTTP transfer of highly encrypted transactions, using 2048 bit encryption
    * Redirection of your customers to payment pages on our processor's server
    * HTTPS POST of the transaction details
    * Virtual Terminal, allowing you to key in your customer's details offline

In cooperation with our partners, we can offer you configurable recurring billing.

Using our gateways, it is possible to send preauthorization transactions for a later capture


The processing gateways offer various reporting and reconciliation tools, including:

    * detailed transaction list
    * detailed transaction export file
    * transaction summary statistics
    * detailed chargeback list
    * detailed chargeback export file
    * subscriber list

These lists and export files can be limited to user-specified periods, transaction types and statuses.

Fraud Protection

Credit card fraud and the resulting chargebacks can seriously threaten your ecommerce business.

By using one our recommended fraud protection software solutions, merchants can prevent fraudulent credit card transactions and reduce chargebacks while maximizing profits.

The available fraud protection tools include:

    - mandatory CVC2/CVV2
    - configurable AVS (address verification system)
    - Processor Blacklist
    - Chargeback Blacklist
    - IP and/or Domain Exclusion

Apply online for merchant account here.

Or go to the Packages page here


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