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  Professional offshore incorporations and offshore banking services since 1996

Offshore bank accounts

News: July 2007:

For the accounts that will have the initial deposit under 50.000 euros,
the bank is now requesting the client to go to the bank in person, or meet with one of the bank representatives, when they travel to Europe to meet with the clients.

News February 2008:
Please note that on April 1, 2008 the Bank will introduce some changes in charging the service fee for maintaining the dormant accounts of corporate clients, whose legal country of residence is other than Latvia.

Hereinafter the service fee of EUR 50 for maintaining the dormant accounts will be withheld each month from corporate current accounts, non-residents of Latvia, if within three (3) subsequent calendar months the average monthly balance on the client account (or a group of client accounts jointly) is less than EUR 10.000 (or the equivalent in other currency).

All currencies held on client account are taken into consideration in calculation of average monthly account balance.

Alterations in charging the service fee for the dormant account maintenance of corporate clients will incure on April 1, 2008. The tariff will be charged considering the client account balance throughout the previous three (3) months, that is January, February and March of 2008.

Criteria of charging the monthly EUR 50 service fee for maintaining the dormant corporate accounts of the Latvian residents remain unchanged. The fee will be withheld from these accounts, if within three (3) subsequent calendar months client account (or a group of client accounts jointly) has:
average monthly balance of less than EUR 10.000 (or the equivalent in other currency);
monthly credit turnover of less than EUR 50.000 (or the equivalent in other currency).

We would also like to remind that the fee is not applicable to clients who use loan or overdraft facilities in the Bank, as well as to new customers within first six (6) months from account opening date (this applies to both residents and non-residents of Latvia).

The Bank ceases to charge the fee if the average monthly balance or turnover of the client account group exceeds the threshold amount(s) set or in case the  Bank issues a loan to the client.

- One of the 4-th Largest Bank in the country,
and one of the largest in the Northern European region !!
- The country is a NATO member, now an EU member
- Internet Banking available 
- A "not-so-obvious" offshore bank account
- NO bank or commercial references for the account holders ! 
- offshore bank account in the largest bank in "The Switzerland of Northern Europe",
- Added security using a digital device or digital certificate
- VIP Personal Banking available (have your own account manager)
- ...see below more advantages...

Quick overview:

Minimum Requirements:
- Residential address verification. One of the following documents is sufficient: recent utility bill, bank account or credit card statements, ID cards bearing residential address, tax assessments or similar documents confirming residential address of the account applicant.
- Notarized copy with apostille of signature sample card, and notarized copy of passport. You must identify yourself with the passport when you notarize (with apostille) the signature sample card. Otherwise you will need to obtain apostille for the passport copy too, and not all countries issue apostille on passport copies.
If you don't want to get the apostille for the signature sample card, the bank's employee can be available for the meetings in Paris, Luxembourg and possibly other cities in France. We can arrange for an appointment for you if you want.

VIP service:
The Bank's VIP service division provides services following individual schemes on the basis of standard service and using the possibilities of other Bank's departments.

Having signed up for this service you get a dedicated manager that works with you on daily basis.

This service is highly recommended for companies and individuals who equire strict control of their financial flows.

Internet Access The Internet account management system is the system of electronic settlement that allows you to manage your bank accounts on-line. You can check your accounts around the clock, receive balance information, transfer money  internationally, including currency conversions, examine the payment history and receive a summary for any period among other services.

Current Account. This is a regular bank account. The name of the account matches the name of it's actual owner. Account management by Internet Banking, with help of Digipass device or digital certificates for added security. The account may be either Personal or Corporate. The bank do not offer checks, because cashing an international check takes 3-12 weeks!, and this option is not viable with offshore banking.

Debit and Credit cards are just the same as in the other banks. Here are the prices:
VISA Classic EC/MC Mass €250 (security deposit = Credit Limit + €250
VISA Business EC/MC Business €290 (security deposit = Credit Limit + €250
VISA GOLD EC/MC GOLD €350 (security deposit = Credit Limit + €450
PLATINUM €700 (security deposit = Credit Limit + €750
Maestro/VISA Electron €180

International ATM CashCard (Private account)
This is quite interesting product. This card is a pure ATM card, that allows client to withdraw funds in ATM machines. It's benefit is that name of the actual user is not embossed on the card!. Only card number and card account number are on the card.

International ATM CashCard Plus (Corporate account)
If you do care about your privacy and confidentiality, you should definitely pay your attention to this card. The system is the following: You open a Corporate Account, supplying the bank with Notarized copies of Corporate Documentation and ID Notarized copy of the person who will manage the account. Further, you can order as many cards (each has it's own account number) as you wish and give these cards to your employees. Every card holder have to send his Notarized ID to the Bank. 

Trading services.
Apart from standard banking services the bank offers Trading services.

The Bank provides investment-brokerage and asset management services to private and corporate entities.

The Bank offers a wide range of global financial instruments and brokerage products, including: futures, bonds, options, Forex, online equity trading, funds of largest investment companies, asset management.

The bank offers you a wide range of electronic trading platforms for direct and easy on-line trading with equities and options on the US exchanges, with no intermediaries and necessity to call your broker.
You can choose one of four platforms varying by functionality, customizing settings and access levels to the exchanges.

Please be advised that apart from brokerage products for active trading, the bank offers an investment product, not requiring from the investor his direct participation in implementing transactions on financial markets. In particular, are offered various Funds (including hedge-funds) that are managed by largest and most successful investment companies in the world.
Currently, you have an opportunity to acquire a share in over 20 Funds via the Bank - starting with most conservative ones and ending with most aggressive and highly profitable ones.

Bank charges:

Operations (services) Charges
Outgoing Transfer *:  
to another account in the  Bank € 0.20
to the account held with other Bank:
-- Regular transfer 0.2% :
€20 for any amount between €1 - to €1,000 transferred,
to a maximum of
€100 fee for any transfer above €50,000
(min € 20, max € 100)
-- Urgent transfer ( during 1 day )  0.3% (min € 40, max € 150)
-- Express transfer ( during 2 hours )   0.4% (min € 60, max € 150)
* --  sending BANK rates only. In case if the payment originator wishes to pay the correspondent bank’s charge – additional charges will be applied:

Current Accounts - a fully operational account for a day-to-day use. Use this account for wiring the funds to your business partners, and they will see the remitter name. As with any of our products - you are safe with this one.


Beneficial Owner identity is not revealed and protected by strict nondisclosure laws;
All correspondence with a Bank is digitally protected by the test-keys;
Account has no reporting requirements;
Initial deposit is not required;
Supports multi-currency feature: one account number for any currency

Personal Current Account:
  • Notarized copy with apostille of signature sample card, and notarized copy of passport
  • Residential address verification. One of the following documents is sufficient: recent utility bill, bank account or credit card statements, ID cards bearing residential address, tax assessments or similar documents confirming residential address of the account applicant.
Corporate Current Account:
  • Notarized copy with apostille or original of Certificate of Registration ;
  • Notarized copy with apostille or original of Statutes (Memorandum, Articles, By-Laws);
  • Notarized copy with apostille or original of Power of Attorney (if not nominated in Statutes);
  • Notarized copy with apostille of signature sample card, and notarized copy of passport

Personal - € 350; (€=EURO)
Corporate  - € 450

- paperwork processing;
- coding device.

Note: If you would like to receive account opening documentation by courier (DHL, FedEx or UPS), please add € 100 extra to your payment. Otherwise it will be sent to you by registered post.


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