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New York Mail Fax, Phone Forwarding Service
 Prices and Details


We will accept letters and small packets for forwarding anywhere in the world.  Our prices are among the best for a New York  address service.

New York office provide professional services at reasonable costs. All services are tailored to meet the requirements of individuals and corporations that desire a prestigious New York City identity for their business needs.

Our office, and the address issued to clients is an actual physical office suite. It is in the Flatiron district. The flatiron district is the area that surrounds the Flatiron building - the world's first skyscraper. Our building was designed by the famous Architect Bruce Price - who also designed the Chateau Frontenac that graces the skyline of Quebec City in Canada.

Virtual NY Office Address for 12 Months: US$450
A "sample" of the address is:
Clients name / Company Name
244 5th Ave
New York, NY 10001

Each client will use a separate suite number. Such as Suite #1201 or Suite # V-201, these suite numbers are just examples

Additional services:
is $200.00/year. You get a dedicated (212) phone number. Put in your greetings. When a caller leaves a message for you, we send you the full message as wave file to your PC .

Faxmail box is additional $200.00/year. You get a dedicated(212)fax number. When some one sends you a fax , it comes to your email right away in PDF format.

Standard Mail Forwarding Costs:
Mail is forwarded to the clients in an unmarked envelope with a PO Box as the return address.
The mail can be forwarded daily, weekly, or monthly.

Live Answering to Email: $850 for 6 months ($125/month + $100 deposit)
Client receives a 212 Manhattan number that is answered live in their company's name 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The operator will be able to provide callers with the clients address, cell phone, or fax number upon request. The operator answers the call, takes the message, and the message will be emailed to the client.
$125 per month for transferring up to 80 messages. Each additional message is $1
$100 deposit required
Minimum contract: 6 months.

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* Please do not use the address until after you have applied for an account.

Important Message Regarding Virtual Office Address Applicants:
Though we wish we could accept every virtual office applicant, unfortunately our security department will, in some cases, turn-away and reject applications that seem questionable. I personally would like to accept 100% of the virtual office applications; this would not only assist in the rapid growth of our company’s bottom line, but that of our resellers as well.
However, it is unfortunate that some applicants simply wish to have an address other than their own for illegitimate purposes. The reality of our business is that there are those who wish to use virtual office services to defraud the general public.
Some good examples of actual illegitimate applicants our organization has been confronted with in the past are:
1. Identity Theft: This is by far, the most common problem with criminals wishing to hire the services of a virtual office. The criminals will somehow obtain information on an unsuspecting victim and use the victim’s identity as their own. The criminal will
then apply for loans, credit cards etcetera using the victim’s identity and financial background information. The criminal will then use the services of a virtual office to hide and have all documents mailed to the virtual office address and then forwarded to their actual address - Which is in many cases, but not always, an address outside the United States.
2. Undeliverable Products or Services: This is a problem where criminals place advertisements or have websites offering the unsuspecting general public products or services which the criminal has no intention in delivering after they have received payment. The criminal will advertise the virtual office address as their own and have prospective clients’ mail-in payments for a service or product. After the criminal has received a comfortable amount of money through his scam, he/she will disappear and leave the virtual office responsible for the client’s inquiries wondering where their products or services are.
3. Product Theft: Though this does not apply to our office since it is our company’s policy is to not accept merchandise, it is good to mention… Many criminals will hire the services of a virtual office to order merchandise using a stolen credit card number. The criminal would then have the products shipped to the virtual office address and forwarded to them.
All virtual office and forwarding agencies in the United States are under the requirements established by the United States Postal Service (a Federal Agency). The U.S.P.S. does require that all agencies accepting virtual office/mail-forwarding applications request at least two types of legitimate identifications on all users to which mail will be addressed to. Otherwise the U.S.P.S. may refuse to deliver mail under the name to which we have no identification for.
As mentioned earlier, another situation I should point-out is, since our security department does sometimes reject certain applicants which they feel may be questionable – please keep in mind that these applicants may then find their way to your website and attempt to obtain service via your company/website. This may cause a problem with our security department having to reject the application a second time.


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