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off-shore banking

off-shore banking, bank accounts, incorporations, tax havens


This is an introductory page to our main site:

off-shore banking Center, offshore corporations, off-shore bank accounts, anonymous credit cards and more!

We offer confidential incorporation and administration services of offshore companies. Our company provide a complete range of offshore services:
Anonymous Tax Havens banks, offshore havens exempted corporations, asset protection discretionary trusts...

If you are looking for:

  • True off-shore banking For Your Company

  • NO Bank References For The Account Signatory

  • NO Reporting Requirements

  • NO Taxation

  • 24 Hour On-Line Electronic Banking From Your Own PC

  • True Multi-Currency Accounts

  • Low Account Management Charges

  • International ATM Debit/Secured Credit Card Availability

  • An Account Which Can Be Opened to Receive Incoming Funds Within 2 Days

Then Look No Further!

Anyone who wishes to open offshore bank accounts for their company, will know of those intrusive requirements which demand that the signatory to the account shows two forms of I.D., usually a passport and a driver's license, and has to produce a reference of 'suitability' from an existing bank. This need for I.D. is a major draw-back to anyone, private individual or corporate, who wishes to retain a low profile.

In addition to these requirements, the authorities in many countries, notably the USA, demand that you report all your cash transactions over a certain limit!

OffshoreSimple Inc, in conjunction with our Bankers, has at long last eliminated these onerous requirements for both account holders and signatories with this very special Corporate Checking Account we are now offering.

NO references are sought from existing bankers. There are no reporting requirements and no taxation. We just require a copy of an ID document.

The account is fully electronic and can be managed from your own PC from anywhere in the world, is true multi-currency and can be opened to receive incoming funds within 2 days.

Full ATM Debit and Credit Card facilities are available.

By utilizing an off shore company, it may be possible for the owner (or beneficial owner) to secure a number of advantages, mainly revolving around taxation but could be useful for the protection of assets etc. In the following notes, we outline some of the structures which are available and give examples of uses which may be made of off-shore companies. This is not intended as an exhaustive demonstration of offshore possibilities and we would always remind Clients that the tax and other benefits which can be obtained by use of off shore entities usually depend upon the country of residence of the beneficial owner and its anti-avoidance legislation. Regard has to be had, too, for the requirements of any other country with which the off-shore entity might carry on its business.

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off-shore incorporations, off shore banking, second passport programs...

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