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offshore bank accounts

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offshore bank accounts, off-shore banking, tax havens incorporation, off shore credit cards

offshore incorporations, offshore credit cards and more!

Besides offshore incorporations and offshore investment services, we  arrange introductions to offshore banks and the opening of  offshore banking and trading accounts for personal or corporate use. 

We handle all document processing for you. You do not have to visit the bank. The offshore account can be opened within 48 hours. 
Internet banking and offshore credit cards are also available, (Visa or MasterCard).

If you are looking for:

  • True offshore bank accounts For Your Company

  • NO Bank References For The Account Signatory

  • NO Reporting Requirements

  • NO Taxation

  • 24 Hour On-Line Internet Banking From Your Own PC

  • True Multi-Currency Account

  • Low Account Management Charges

  • International ATM Debit/Secured Credit Card Availability

  • An Account Which Can Be Opened to Receive Incoming Funds Within 2 Days

Then Look No Further!

Our off-shore Bank offers an excellent all round banking service, ideal for the needs of most off shore companies and private individuals alike. Offering highly private and secure banking, complete with 24 hour, PGP encrypted electronic account management from your own PC using proprietary client-bank software, the availability of both ATM debit cards and secured credit cards and high interest deposit accounts, an account at the concerned institution is highly recommended. They are now our major bankers here for a good many reasons!

Anyone who wishes to open off-shore bank-account for their company, will know of those intrusive requirements which demand that the signatory to the account shows two forms of I.D., usually a passport and a driver's license, and has to produce a reference of 'suitability' from an existing bank. This need for I.D. is a major draw-back to anyone, private individual or corporate, who wishes to retain a low profile.

In addition to these requirements, the authorities in many countries, notably the USA, demand that you report all your cash transactions over a certain limit!

Fast, Reliable, Safe and Inexpensive 
off-shore incorporations, off shore banking, second passport programs...

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