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  Professional offshore incorporations and offshore banking services since 1996


We no longer support PPC reseller system
(due to increased fraud attempts)

We are currently signing qualified resellers to market premium international banking/financial services.

We pay 10% commission on any referred client you send us. Could it be any easier?

An average order is $1.500 and your commission will be $150 on a single order !!!


Contact us for details.

A new client can become a reseller after he complete a first order.


Over the last 10 years has built a network of professional clients including: Accountants, Lawyers, Banks, Trust Companies, Fiduciaries, Independent Financial Advisors and Tax Advisors throughout the world.

We position ourselves to be a value-added partner in the advisor-client relationship and fully recognise that the local advisor has detailed knowledge of the resources, abilities and aspirations of the client. We therefore encourage the local advisor to treat as a specialist resource provider dealing only with specific areas of the client’s affairs.

Resellers often choose to work with because they seek either specialist knowledge of a jurisdiction, or they have chosen as their preferred corporate or trust services provider.

If you are a financial, accounting, tax or investment professional or you are an aggressive entrepreneur interested in offering a state of the art financial banking solutions to corporate and individual clientele, then you owe it to yourself to look into our unique reseller opportunities. There is a window of opportunity in this new area and that window of opportunity exists now!

What is our Referral Partner Program, you ask? Basically it is this:
You resell our offshore products and services, in turn, you get a percentage of income.
There is NO FEE to sign up with our program: YOU WILL SIGN UP FOR FREE, so there is no out of pocket costs for you. The program is specifically tailored for financial services professionals.

Our Referral Partner Program is the first of a new class of marketing products. As a result, we've received many inquiries from customers and visitors who wish to make money selling our unique offshore financial services or referring people to us. We've compiled all the best ideas into an exciting opportunity that will let you participate in the rapid growth and success of offshore banking over the Internet.

There is room for Growth! One-third of an estimated $12 trillion in global private wealth is located outside legal residence of investors. This fraction will double as capital seeks the most efficient mix of security and flexibility. These are our customers. We need the added reach of a solid dealer and referral channel to sell to all of them. That's where outside financial professionals come in.

Would you like to make continuous monthly income and let us do all the work? Why not resell offshore banking/investment services to your own clients?

As a 100% online business we do not have hard copy materials to send out. You are free to choose your marketing strategy.

By simply referring customers to OffshoreSimple Inc., you can ensure yourself a reliable source of income. We look forward to working with you.

You will then officially become our certified reseller: you will enjoy the opportunity to access to our international network and to offer exclusive services not available elsewhere. If you refer people to us (i.e. not finishing the sale yourself), you will still be entitled to your *full* commission if they actually buy something. Even if they don't inform you about it - we will!

This applies to order forms etc. as well: as long as they bear your email, we can be sure whom to forward commissions to. The only condition to this is that you inform us IN ADVANCE - no point in coming to us after the event and claiming commission for a sale we weren't aware of having been referred to us by you.

A network of select, capable agents whose sales activities go some way to help cover for our general research overhead is most welcome, and indeed we are already working successfully with independent agents in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, U.K., and the USA.

Note, however, that we do not divulge Certified Agents' addresses to third parties, our other agents included. This is to protect everybody's privacy. On a similar line, unless language problems absolutely demand it, we do *not* refer clients to agents according to geographical criteria, as this would hardly be the point of working in cyberspace.

So if you feel our chemistry might match, and if our policy of "radical independence" suits you; if you like what you may have seen on our site; and if you think our proven expertise ("Best consultation on the Net!" is a clients' remark we get almost daily now on the Net - so much so, in fact, we're actually starting to believe in it ourselves!) may be of aid in your own marketing ventures, contact us
 and let's take it from there.


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