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second passports

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Top 10 Reasons to get a second passport

1. Enjoy Visa-Free Travel - To see what we mean, try traveling on an Iranian or African passport - or better yet, don't even try it...

2. Get Away From Ruthless Creditors - They would like to see you bankrupt... putting a few thousand miles between you and them might change the whole equation.

3. Kiss Your Ex-Spouses Good Bye - They may think that they're entitled to a huge slice of your hard earned wealth, but you may not agree with that. Change your identity or move to a foreign country... even if it's just on paper!

4. Say "No" To Slavery - We had thought that physical slavery was an outdated concept, until we learned that some countries force their young citizens to do a year or more of military or other compulsory service with little or no pay.

5. Avoid Excessive Taxation - An even worse example of 20th century slavery is the income tax. It is cleverly disguised as "patriotic duty" so the crowd thinks it is ok. However consider this: "Slaves pay an effective 100% income tax on their labors. How much in taxes does your government help itself to? How much of you has been enslaved? How much of your country has been enslaved?"

6. Save Your Life - Your current nationality may put you in the dangerous position of being one of the first people to be shot during the next hijacking of a plane or ship (at risk for example are, US citizens, Israelis, etc.).

7. Be Safe From War - If there is danger of war in your country, authorities may not be willing to let you go... that is, unless you're a foreigner. Simply show your second passport and leave.

8. Be Safe From Disasters - If a nuclear power station explodes, where will you be? How will you escape? Where will you go? Once again, foreigners have the best chance of leaving safely.

9. Escape Communism and Socialism - These and other ill-minded ideologies have destroyed more human values than many wars. Escape with your new passport and you'll be free again!

10. Outwit Big Brother - Oppressive and intrusive governments... Don't fight them, just leave...

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