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UK Mail Forwarding Service - Prices and Details


We will accept letters and small packets for forwarding anywhere in the world.  Our prices are among the best for a UK residential address service.  All address information is  PGP encrypted and stored offsite, to ensure total privacy for our clients. 

While we will not give the actual mailing address out until payment is received, it is a genuine, UK address.  All items are mailed out on the day of receipt unless you specify otherwise.  The address does NOT include a PO Box # or Appt # - it is in the format of 'House, Locality, CITY, Post Code, Country'.  Because of this, there is no special format for the addressee or address which will identify this as a maildrop.

We will also accept items requiring a signature on receipt if required and arrange to have mail posted from here to give a local postmark (see mail sending below).

Mail Receipt and Forwarding
Service Annual Cost Cost per Item  
Premium US$450 (include $25 for postage) NIL Click Here To Order


Mail Sending
Have your letters mailed from your UK address, to have a UK stamp.

1.50 per item plus postage

Have your letters mailed from your UK address, to have a UK stamp.
Change of Address - No charge

Details of Services

Premium Mail Forwarding - US$450
This is one of the best value mail drop services operating in the UK!  There is no per item charge other than postage costs.
A normal volume for mail is ~100 letters / year.

Postage Deposits
This is to cover the cost of forwarding mail.   We automatically use first class mail to forward items to you, unless you specify otherwise.  If you are using our standard or discount services we will also deduct the 'per item' fees from your deposit.  

Top-up payments will be requested before deposit runs out (by enclosing a note with forwarded mail or via email) to ensure there is no hold up in you mail forwarding. Top-up deposits may be made via credit card on our secure order page, subject to a 12% surcharge to cover processing costs (this is not payable when paid with maildrop order/renewal).


Highly confidential UK based mail receiving and forwarding services. Our maildrop service is one of the most competitive to be found anywhere in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions



Where is the maildrop based?
A: In a Scotland, UK. On acceptance of your maildrop request and payment, you will be given the actual address for mailing, but to keep the service 'low-profile' we do not publish the address.

How is my mail packaged?
A: Mail is placed unopened in an opaque, tamper-evident polythene envelope. This means chemical sprays cannot be used to 'see through' the envelope to it's contents as can be done with traditional paper envelopes. Any attempt to open the envelope will be obvious to the recipient.

Is the service really confidential?
A: Yes. We will never reveal our clients' name, address or email to third parties. The exception to this would be if a client was using our service to send material prohibited in the UK, for example controlled drugs, arms, bomb making equipment etc. which we do not allow. This is one reason why we limit our service to the remailing of letters and small packets.

How often do you send out mail received?
A: By default, we send mail out on the day of receipt. This ensures it is not left at our premises overnight which could compromise our clients' privacy. We will, however, hold mail at a client's request and send it all on a weekly or monthly basis.

Do you accept mail to be signed for on receipt?
A: Yes - registered or recorded mail will be signed for and forwarded as normal. We can arrange to send out mail by recorded delivery if requested by the client.

What is the maximum size of package you will accept?
A: Generally, if it fits through a normal letterbox, it's fine. We do not accept large items simply because these will frequently be inspected by the customs authorities and will draw attention to our service; they are also open to abuse by people trying to smuggle illicit materials into or out of the country - this would risk the rest of our clients' privacy.

Do you send or receive mail by courier?
A: Receipt: If requested, however - some courier companies have taken up to 2 weeks to deliver a package, even when a 'next day' service had been booked and paid for. Please bear this in mind when arranging for items to be sent by courier.

We are happy to forward items via DHL International ( provide a very reliable and fast service with good online tracking facilities.

Do you accept and forward parcels?
A: No. This is because of the attention it draws to our service by the UK Customs authorities and the risk of abuse by less scrupulous clients. The maximum size/weight we accept is 25cm x 25cm x 25cm or 1.5Kg, whichever is lower. The service is intended for routine mail redirection, to protect clients' privacy. If you are at all unsure, please
contact us.

Will you pay any customs charges or Cash on Delivery fees payable on receipt?
A: No. For the same reasons we do not accept large parcels - this draws our service to the attention of UK Customs authorities and can also be seen as us importing/exporting goods leaving us liable to other taxes/duties.

Why is there a maximum of 25 postage deposit?
A: In order to keep our credit card processor happy! By keeping the deposit low, it reduces their liability to the cardholder. Top-ups can be easily arranged via our credit card order page when the funds get low, and we will always notify you of this. If you want to arrange a higher deposit please contact us.

Please check our terms of business.




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