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Tax Proof Offshore Structure:

Allow yourself 3 minutes to read this material,
to find out about one of the best and modern offshore structures available today.

Others may charge you up to $150 to give you this information !
We give it to you

It is about a complete offshore package to protect your privacy, and allow you to bank and invest offshore (tax-free).
This package is suitable even for US, Canadian and European customers, and we call it
Tax Proof Offshore Structure (TPOS)

The structure is a dual entity structure consisting of a Panama Private Interest Foundation holding ownership of an International Business Corporation (IBC).

We recommend the dual entity structure because it provides the utmost in asset protection, anonymity, privacy, and convenience. The corporation holds all major assets, such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real estate, etc. and the foundation acts as a holding company to the corporation.

To understand the entire role of the foundation within this structure, you first have to understand the composition of the foundation. The Private Interest Foundation has four main parts:

Founder: The founder is the person or entity that forms the foundation in the public registry. Our firm generally provides a nominee founder, and provides you with a pre-signed, undated letter of resignation from the founder immediately upon incorporation of the foundation. At that point, the founder holds no control.

Foundation Council: The council serves the same function to the foundation as directors do to a corporation. The council's names and passport numbers are registered in the public registry when the foundation is incorporated.
For protecting the privacy of our clients, we generally provide a nominee council, and provide pre-signed, undated letters of resignation from the nominee council. At that point, the council holds no control.

Protector: The Protector is the ultimate controller of the Foundation.
Immediately upon incorporation of the foundation, the council appoints a Protector, through a notarized Private Protectorate Document. Since the document is a private, non-publicly registered document, the Protector remains 100% anonymous. From that point on, the Protector has full control over the foundation and all of its assets.

Beneficiaries: The Beneficiaries are appointed through a Private Letter of
Wishes, which is written by the Protector. The letter of wishes is a private document, so the beneficiaries remain 100% anonymous. The letter of wishes can be changed or modified at any time by the Protector only.

The foundation is established to serve four primary purposes:

1. Serve as a holding entity for the Corporation: Using the foundation, you can avoid the use of bearer shares, or shares issued to your personal name.
The foundation can be named as the share holder on the share certificates of your corporation. You control the foundation anonymously through a Private Protectorate role. As Protector, you appoint the beneficiaries through a private letter of wishes (or a more formal set of foundation By-Laws). Since both the Protector and the Beneficiaries are both appointed through non-public (private) documents, they remain 100% anonymous and confidential.

2. Serve as beneficial owner when opening financial accounts: Today, due to the global scare of terrorism, etc. most offshore tax haven jurisdictions have implemented laws that require their banks to obtain "declarations of beneficial ownership" when establishing corporate bank accounts. Keep in mind that in most offshore jurisdictions, such as Panama, the banks are
required to maintain this information under strict confidentiality under the bank secrecy laws that are strictly enforced. However, if you do not wish to sign the declaration as the beneficial owner when establishing your corporate accounts, the foundation can serve as the beneficial owner for these declaration purposes, and the nominee foundation council can sign the declarations on behalf of the foundation.

3. Serve as a testamentary vehicle for distribution of your assets to your heirs: Under Panamanian laws, a Foundations assets are "non-embargable", and "non-sequesterable", meaning that no one may freeze the assets under any circumstances - providing the ultimate asset protection vehicle. The Panama Private Interest Foundation is specifically designed to cherish, protect, and distribute your assets to your beneficiaries upon a triggering event, such as your death or incapacity. Your foundations letter of wishes, written by the Protector, will serve as its "living will", detailing the foundations assets, list of beneficiaries, and how and when those assets are to be distributed to the beneficiaries. Since the inheritance is coming from outside of the beneficiary's domestic country, the inherited assets are not subject to any of the standard taxes and legal procedures. Through the foundation, your heirs will receive their inheritance free of probate, gift taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes, or legal delays.

4. Serve as a vehicle to facilitate the transference of funds offshore, and the repatriation of those funds back onshore: Since the foundation is a charitable entity, it may receive donations, and it may give donations/grants, etc. to anyone you choose. Hence, you can donate your funds to the foundation. In turn, the foundation can provide educational grants, charitable donations, etc. to anyone you choose.

The complete offshore structure, is only US$ 3,999

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This is what the Tax Proof Offshore Structure  (TPOS) includes:

Panama Private Interest Foundation
- Original Foundation Charter in Spanish, registered in the public registry.
- Official English translation of Foundation Charter.
- Nominee Foundation Council (optional) with pre-signed, undated letters of
resignation, notarized.
- Private Protectorate Document, notarized.
- General Power of Attorney, notarized and apostle.
- Foundation Letter of Wishes.
- Corporate brokerage account, with Visa Gold Debit Card, USD Checkbook, and
Internet access.

Panama International Business Corporation
- Original Articles of Incorporation in Spanish, registered in the public
- Official English translation of the Articles of Incorporation.
- Nominee Directors with pre-signed, undated letters of resignation, notarized.
- First meeting of the board of directors, whereby the nominee subscribers
renounce their rights to one share each, and 100% of the company shares are issued.
- Company Share Certificate issued to the name of your foundation (or to the Bearer).
- General Power of Attorney, notarized and apostilled.

Corporate Bank Account (for the IBC)
- Established through our correspondent bank in Northern Europe or Belize.
- Debit cards are available.
- Secured credit cards are available.
- Online banking is available.
- Multi-currency accounts.

General Manager Agreement
- Agreement between yourself and your corporation (or foundation),
documenting your role as General Manager (not a director, just a manager).
- Enables you to receive a salary and/or commissions from offshore, and justifies your income.
- Justify yourself as signatory on the company accounts, as well as using
the company debit card and checkbook for business expenses, etc.

Mail Forwarding Service
- Corporate PO Box in Panama to receive post mail for your entities.
- Physical address in Panama to receive courier packages for your entities.
- Forwarding service via post mail, courier, fax, or scanned email

Courier Fee Included
- We will send your documents via 3 day guaranteed courier service.
- We will email you the air bill number so you can track your package online.

Annual renewal fee: US$2000, includes:
- Resident agent for foundation and corporation
- Registered office for foundation and corporation
- Nominee directors for foundation and corporation
- Mail Forwarding Service for foundation and corporation

To summarize, for only US$3,999
 you are receiving all of the following:

* Panama Foundation
* Panama Corporation
* 1 Corporate Brokerage Accounts (company or Foundation)
* 1 Corporate Bank Account
* General Manager Agreement
* Mail Forwarding Service

Package is delivered within 10 business days from the date payment has cleared in our bank account. Once the client receives the package, the client signs the account applications and returns them to us along with a notarized photocopy of passport.
When we receive the passport and signed account applications, we forward them to the bank for the account opening.

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